25. heinäkuuta 2012

25.7.2012 - AHOLA @ Kooma, Turku

I arrived to the venue soon after doors opened so it was a pride and joy to be able to watch the place getting nicely filled little by little. However, the wait was quite tedious because of the music that was being played. In my opinion it was totally wrong! If I say we had to listen to Danza Kuduro I think I say it all… Thankfully AHOLA was going to fix that!! 

The gig started past midnight and there was a nice atmosphere by then. The stage was “rock’n’rollishly” tiny and there wasn’t a free spot in the first row. We actually formed a small crowd, so it felt very good. The gig was great in all senses. There was a good mood between the AHOLA guys, the audience was participative, we sung and cheered… And what can I say about the music… AHOLA fired up my soul indeed! 

The best moment of the show was during As Long As I Live (Rock’n’Roll Is Not Dead), when J. made us sing. He sung “as long as I live” a few times and we had to reply with a loud “rock’n’roll is not dead”. It was such an awesome moment. The previous time I saw the band was in its second gig, so Stoneface wasn’t even released yet and therefore we hardly knew the songs. We couldn’t do much aside from being there and support the band. However, this time I noticed a big progress in everything and I felt so proud and happy for the band. Way to go, guys!

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