14. toukokuuta 2011

14.5.2011 – Teräsbetoni @ Äijäpäivä, Tampere

Äijäpäivä, the day of dudes, was a day-long outdoors event that was supposed to take place in a beach area of Tampere. I say “was supposed to” because the event wasn’t that successful, so to speak. Teräsbetoni was scheduled to play in the afternoon and I was worried that given the situation the gig would be cancelled, but it didn’t and I was very grateful for that.


At the beginning of the concert it felt quite awkward because nobody dared to go in front of the stage. I guess we were all a bit shy… but fortunately things already started to brighten up during the second song. A couple of fans appeared and went to the bar zone closest to the stage (the place was quite labyrinthine - the bar zone was on one side and separated with fences) and I joined them. Then the power of Teräsbetoni made some dudes finally go in front of the stage and when Metalliolut started to sound I was like “screw it, I’m going there too!”. From that moment on, more people probably felt the same way and came there as well. I mean, c’mon, it’s Teräsbetoni and they were pulling up a good show! There was a point when you had no other option than let yourself go and now it felt much better. And yes, we were a small audience, but despite of it I think I can speak for everybody when I say in the end we did our best to make the atmosphere bigger. Besides, the band seemed to be having fun, and if the band has fun I have fun with the band.

V.Rantanen, J.Kuokkanen, J.Ahola and A.Järvinen

On a funny note, after Metallisydän J. said something like “hey, this is called ‘the day of dudes’. What are so many gals doing here?”. The thing is, in the end I think we were more women than men. Hah! :D


Anyway, in short I would describe the gig as strange but cool. In fact it seemed like a private gig and hey, this isn’t something that one can experience every day :)


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