9. huhtikuuta 2011

9.4.2011 Sports Academy, Helsinki

This gig was quite a peculiar one because it was in the middle of the afternoon and therefore there were less people than usually and also everyone was pretty quiet, but for me it was very nice nonetheless. Also, this time J. didn’t perform with Antti Mäkelä but with a guy called Gary Keskinen.

The thing I always liked most from J. were his acoustic performances and I had never experienced one before, so before the gig I was very nervous from the excitement. Once the music started, I was so thrilled! His voice really stands out when being accompanied by just two guitars.

They started with It’s a Long Way to the Top, the following song was Unchain my Heart, then I think it came I Want to Break Free followed by You Were Always on my Mind (touching performance here)... I can’t remember the order of the other songs, but they were The Temple of the King, Heaven and Hell, I Want it All (here we were asked to sing, but we were a shy audience), We are the Champions, Here I Go Again and the last song was Lady in Black. I still have one song left to mention and I mention it last because for me it’s the most special one from all the songs J. sings. It was the first acoustic song I heard him perform on YouTube and it’s titled The Show Must Go On (thanks a lot J. for playing this one!).

I found the gig a bit short and I would have loved to hear Who Wants to Live Forever too, but without a keyboard it wasn’t possible. But anyway, who cares. What matters is that it was a good gig, and I enjoyed every single second of it. Thank you guys for the lovely afternoon!

J.Ahola & Gary

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