19. maaliskuuta 2011

19.3.2011 DOM Supergrupo feat. J. Ahola @ DOM, Helsinki

That night there were three gigs programmed. First a band called R.O.C.K. did their album release gig and it was entertaining. When I arrived to the venue there weren’t so many people (DOM was a cool place, but for some reason it wasn’t much popular), but by the time this gig started the place was fuller and the atmosphere was fairly good. 

After R.O.C.K. it was DOM Supergrupo’s turn, but we had to wait a bit for the stage set to be changed. DOM Supergrupo was the houseband and that night it was formed by Jari Ilomäki on the bass, Mirka Rantanen on drums, Tero Pennanen on keyboards and Tuomas Wäinölä on the guitar.

First they played with Ilja Jalkanen, whose rock’n’roll set I was already familiar with because I saw him the previous month. While Ilja was singing, J. showed up. At some point I noticed he was filming from the backstage, and during the song Burn he went up on stage twice to sing the lines ‘you know we had no time…’. Nice surprise! 
DOM Supergrupo feat. J.Ahola
Soon after Ilja’s gig finished, the band started playing again and J. came back on stage (well, and Ilja too - he did some backing vocals). The opening song was Rainbow’s Eyes of the World, which I never saw J. perform, and it was a good start. I was hoping to hear some Queen songs since I love how he sings them, but this gig was very rock’n’rollish too. But hey, great set anyway! DOM Helsinki was like the sanctuary of rock after all :) J. interacted quite a lot with the audience and musicians and the atmosphere ended up being much better than the last time I had been there. 

There was a moment that I found especially remarkable. It was during Still in Love With You. At some point J. and Tuomas had a “battle”: J. sung some notes and Tuomas imitated him with the guitar. The amazing thing is that the notes went higher and higher and J. didn’t seem to run out of highs. 
Another special moment was the end. The gig ended with what I think it was an improvised encore. J. grabbed Jari’s bass, gave some quick drumming instructions to Mirka and Taivas Lyö Tulta started to sound. It was a great moment, since we the audience went a bit nuts during this one. That awesome gig couldn’t have ended any better! 


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